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La vision prospective des artistes

Le livre "Artful Creation: Learning-tales of Arts-in-Business" de Lotte Darso est un remarquable travail d'enquête montrant combien la vision des artistes peut apporter au business, notamment du fait de leur vision prospective souvent aiguisée.

Short description
This book is about social innovation and organisational transformation through the Arts. It deals with live artists working in business settings as catalysts for change.

The book primarily deals with two approaches for Arts-in-Business:

1. The Arts applied as an instrument for e.g. team-building, communication training, leadership development, problem solving and innovation.

2. The Arts integrated as a strategic process of organisational transformation.

Lotte Darsø has traveled round the world and conducted 50 interviews with the most visionary and courageous artists and business people in order to 'map' this new emerging field of Arts-in-Business. In this study she examines, describes and illustrates how the Arts can bring forth new learning opportunities and real transformation in business. Throughout the book people tell their amazing stories, which are analysed and elaborated into a coherent theoretical framework.

This book is an attempt to show the large potential of 'Artful Creation' and at the same time point out that the birth of a new paradigm offers promising prospects for the future of business and society.

The book is written for curious people, who are looking for new ways of making sense of a complex world - whether this is in business, research, the public, consulting, or in the Arts. The book offers groundbreaking ideas, new methods, inspiration, and concrete recommendations.

Téléchargez le premier chapitre (pdf en anglais).

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