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A ne pas manquer : FutureScene 2005, St Paul de Vence, 21-23 septembre 2005

Thème de ce colloque du Global Future Forum : “Preparing business for tomorrow”

In the frantic business world of 2005 the attention of most chief executives and their boards is on maintaining or improving short term results. Shareholders and commentators measure success by quarterly, half yearly and annual financial reports. Yet ask those same boards and shareholders if they want their organisations to survive, let alone prosper over the next decade, the answer is a resounding "yes". Long-term success only comes from long-term planning.

We know we live in a fast changing world - change that is accelerating all the time. But accelerating towards what? What demands will be placed on organisations in five to ten years time? How do organisations (you) prepare today, for tomorrow's success?

FutureScene 2005 will help business make sense of tomorrow's world. Led by a group of professional, business futurists delegates will be briefed on some of the key changes that will affect their businesses over the next five to ten years. They will have time (all too rare today) to consider the long-term impact on their own organisations and to outline management strategies.

The next FutureScene will be held between 21st & 23rd September 2005, please click here if you would like to attend.

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