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European Futurist Conference, Lucerne (Suisse) du 22 au 24 novembre 2006 : Making Sense of the Future


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Practical Approaches 

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

 13.00 h – 18.15 h

New Explorative Approaches
Prof. John S. Ratcliffe, Dublin Institute of Technology
Dr. Wendy Schultz, Infinite Futures, Oxford



8 Workshops

Innovative Futuring Tools and Techniques

Knowing, Making and Minding Futures

Prof. Barbara Adam, Cardiff University

Learning from National German Foresight Processes – Tools for including

different stakeholders

Dr. Kerstin Cuhls, Fraunhofer Institute, Karlsruhe

New socio-cultural theories in futurism

Matthias Horx, Zukunftsinstitut, Kelkheim/Wien

Bioeconomy 2030: Designing a Policy Agenda

Pierre-Alain Schieb, Head of Future Projects OECD, Paris

The Evolution of meme machines

Dr. Susan Blackmore, Bristol
Foresight of people's risk persecption - on the example of nanotechnology
Dr. Arnim Wiek / PD Dr. Michael Siegrist, Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich

Creative Knowledge Capital
Prof. Markku Wilenius, Finland Futures Research Center, Turkku
1 more to come

















Can Science predict human behaviour?
Prof. John L. Casti, Technical University of Vienna, former faculty member of Santa Fe Institut





Main Conference:

Critical Insights & Emerging Business Models 

Thursday November 23, 2006

Friday November 24 , 2006

 10.00 h – 18.00 h
9.00 h – 13.00 h

New Uncertainties, New Paradoxes
Ged Davis, Managing Director World Economic Forum
Penny Power, Founder and CEO Ecademy
Stefan Bergheim, Senior Research Deutsche Bank Research, author of Global Growth Centres 2020



Best practice
Mapping the Future
Design led innovation by Philips
Josephine Green, Director Trends & Strategy Philips Design, Eindhoven
Strategy development by Mibelle AG Cosmetics
Dr. Sven Strunk, former CEO of Mibelle
More to come…




Future Salons
Seize the opportunity for in-depth discussion with the speakers in small groups



Case studies
New Business Models & Social Practises
OSCAR – the open car project
Markus Merz, initiator
ZOPA – Banking but no bank
Richard Duval, CEO (enquired)
BBC – Open Innovation at the BBC
Matt Locke, Head of Innovation, BBC New Media
More to come...







Hot topic
Upgrading Humans – Mental Enhancements via Implants
Prof. Kevin Warwick, University of Reading, Dept. of Cybernetics



Prof. Bjorn Lomborg, Copenhagen Business School

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