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Consultation Workshop on Ambient Intelligence technologies to enhance the Product Lifecycle, Bruxelles le 27 février 2006

February 27, 2006
Avenue de Beaulieu, 33
1160 Brussels

The workshop is part of the ongoing consultation process carried out by the European Commission, DG Information Society and Media in order to define vital research challenges to be addressed in the Community 7th Framework Programme. This meeting is built upon the work of projects in the cluster “Ambient Intelligence technologies for the Product Lifecycle.”


The vision is that future products and services will be designed, used and maintained over their lifecycle, using Ambient Intelligence (AmI) technologies, to offer customers more value and enable manufacturers to respond faster and in a flexible manner to changing market demands. Products will be further enhanced by added-value services and offered to customers in greater choice and in shorter delivery time. Agile and secure collaboration networks that will assure diverse supply chain strategies and maintenance during the product lifecycle will be established.

Workshop objectives

  • to identify promising innovative future applications of Ambient Intelligence technologies at different stages in the product lifecycle,
  • to identify research themes that need to be tackled on an European level within the context of the 7th Framework Programme under the ICT Thematic Objective in the 2007-2013 period.


The discussion will be organized around, but not limited to the following topics:

  • Design of intelligent and enhanced products,
  • AmI technologies for the product development, design, customization and test,
  • Intelligent production ramp-up (covering industrial engineering, production start-up),
  • Self-controlled production,
  • Opportunities for new services linked to the stages in the product life cycle,
  • AmI technologies in supply chains and logistics, including distribution,
  • AmI support for product maintenance, e.g., self-updating of intelligent products,
  • AmI supporting sustainability (resource minimization, optimization of material re-use, re-cycling),
  • Intelligent wireless sensor networks.

For more details, including the agenda of the day please visit the workshop website at http://www.ve-forum.org/. The website features a discussion forum that everyone is invited to join and to use for making contribution to the list of discussion topics. If you would like to participate in this meeting please use the registration form provided on this website.

Practical information on how to reach the workshop venue can be found at http://cordis.europa.eu.int/ist/ict-ent-net/.

If you have any questions concerning the workshop please contact Florent.Frederix@cec.eu.int or Waldemar.Jaronski@cec.eu.int.

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